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Flyer A5 - [210 mm x 148 mm]

The flyer size most often chosen by customers is A5. Its dimensions are 210 x 148 mm, or half of the printer's paper.

In its area, we can fit a lot of text information and we can also present our projects in quite large photos. If you have your own design, please send it to us by e-mail or add it during the ordering process. Remember that the project meets our technical requirements. Read our FAQs >

We can also create a project for you, technically adapted to the needs of our printing house. The cost of creating a design for this format is £30 for a 1-sided leaflet and £40 for a 2-sided design. Order design >

We offer the following types of paper:

  • 130gm Gloss
  • 170gm Gloss - RECOMMENDED, higher quality at a good price!

Maximum delivery time – up to 7 business days.

Flyer / voucher design
50 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
100 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
250 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
500 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
1000 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
2000 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
5000 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
10000 Flyer A5 Gloss/Silk
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